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     Born in Ireland I apprenticed for five years to my father to learn my trade. I worked with him for 23 years. While we did all manner of work associated with the painting trade our first love was the decorative painting of  plaster moulding in a home.

      I moved to Canada in 1996 and continue to hold true to the policy that "You are only as good as your last job" My work is a step out of the ordinary as it turns wall panels, cornice mouldings and centerpieces into a piece of art on your ceiling. Inspiration can come from any source be it curtain material, furniture, carpet or china. I enjoy the look on a clients face when they see how their ceiling and plaster moulding comes alive with colour. I paint in the "Traditional Old European Style" or "Robert Adam"(1728-1792) way of enhancing the plaster moulding by painting it to show the details otherwise lost in white. To help create an ornate and traditional mood within a room I listen to opera and classical music while working. My work is custom to each client and is not repeated. Similar plaster moulding will receive a different treatment. I use Estate Emulsion by Farrow & Ball. The matt finish and depth of colour achieve the classic style.

     Cornice moulding when enhanced becomes another feature of your room. It should show itself as part of the decor and not be overpowering. I carry an array of actual painted plaster moulding samples for clients to view.

     I look forward to creating your "special place"

     Arthur P. Butler

     Telephone: Hamilton, Ontario, Cell: 905 730 0002

     E-mail: apbpainting.net@gmail.com

     Press: Taking ceilings back to a more classical time. By Sandy Bunyan.

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